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A paint job, big or small, is the most visible aspect of the repair process. Whether you are interested in a complete paint overhaul, or minor touch ups, we are committed to providing you with the best service and end product. Whatever your budget allows, we can sit and discuss your options.

Below are some helpful points to consider.


 Blending vs. Paint Match

As you gather estimates, you may discuss the cost difference in blending paint to the adjacent parts versus paint matching. 

This decision will be based on your budget, as blending will cost more, but will have the most uniform look. 

      PPG Paint


We only use and trust PPG paint for our vehicles. This brand is also commonly used at dealerships.


We carry a guarantee on our paint jobs. If your paint has a defect due to the paint, we will correct it at no charge. 

Post Paint Tips

After you leave with your freshly painted vehicle, we recommend the following:


  • Wait one week before washing the vehicle to allow the paint to fully cure. 

  • Refrain from machine automoted car washes. They will leave small scratches.

  • Immediately wash off bird droppings as it will ruin your paint. 

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